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Bible 25


Bible25, it promises the Smart Christian Life!
1. Letter of the Gospel: Gospel letter is the core of the Bible25. Please be fully utilized to convey the gospel. If you want to send your mind according to the situation, please click the SEND.
2. Today: Start your day with the "Today". Share Today with your friends and families. Choose Menu, and then press the "SEND" from "Today".
3. Bible: Bible25 offers Bible revision KRV, NKRV, and KJV. Using Audio, Study, Commentary, Meditation, Q & A, and Photography about Bible.

4. Praise: Bible25 provides 645 notes from the 21 Century Hymn, and Audio contents also.

5 Dictionary: Search the words of the Bible about what it mean.

6 New Believers Guide: Bible25 guides the new believers, including the foundation of trust life.

7 Bible Study: You will be able to study the Bible with ease. Using the material of Bible25 with depth, it gives user a better knowledge of the Bible.